Cement board

Cement board

 a fibre cement board with high impact strength and moisture and fire resistant properties

cement board is the perfect choice for building board applications such as wall cladding, wall partitioning and decorative walling. The types of buildings that are suitable for cement board applications are residential, commercial and industrial buildings as well as schools and hospitals; especially where speedy construction, cleanliness and hygiene is of high importance.

Benefits of  Cement Board:

– Weather resistant
– Immune to water damage
– Fire resistant
– Provides sound insulation
– Shatter resistant
– Low shrinkage
– Flexible
– High degree of workability
– Termite resistant

Matching the Demands of Modern Applications

Cement board is a non-asbestos fibre-cement product composed of Portland cement, cellulose fibre and refined sand.Using a special manufacturing process called autoclave, Cement board acquires the strength, durability of cement and easy workability of wood as well as dimensional stability.