Hardboard manufacturers, suppliers & exporters

Hardboard is high density wood fibreboard made from Thailand by green plantation species of Eucalyptus with water resisting synthetic resins without Formaldehyde emission.

A wide range of applications for strength, durability hardboard products.Sample of Hardboard_1

  • Automobile parts such door panels, sunscreen,
  • Seat backing and interior side
  • Moisture resistant packaging
  • CeilingSample of Hardboard_2
  • Partition
  • Furniture
  • Baby Cot
  • Picture Frame
  • Stationary
  • whiteboard

Perforated Hardboard

Sometime called pegboard, perforated hardboard is a piece of hardboard with holes punched in rows Sample of Hardboard_3and columns.

Installed on a wall, pegboard accepts various hooks and hangers that turn the board into storage for hanging tools, containers and supplies.

Making a pegboard wall requires a few tools and a little time.Sample of Pegboard

Mounting boards hold the pegboard off the wall so the hooks and hangers will fit into the holds and the hardboard fastens to the half studs with screws

Type of Packing for Hardboard

We are able to provide various types of packing for our products